Our story


Hypn - New beginnings

The idea to create Hypn Records was born from the desire to share music production knowledge to an italian audience.

The Hypn Records YouTube channel was born, on which we quickly started publishing dozens of tutorials teaching young producers how to make beats and how to use FL Studio.

Since then, the channel has grown to 30,000+ subscribers, collecting a total of over one million views.

Drum Kits, One Shot Kits & more...

Opening Hypn Vault

In order to share our own sound with the public, we launched decided to launch hypnvault.com.

The store offers a large variety of kits created by the Hypn family, pushing our creative boundaries to deliver high quality and innovative products.

The evolution

Hypn - Reborn

After a period of reflection and focus on Hypn's vision, the collective decides to expand.

New members are signed to the label, who have mostly grown as producers through Hypn itself. The decision was taken to enable growth, aiming to expand the collective and to create music through collaboration, both with established artists and with emerging artists.

To date, the collective has placements with artists such as: Luciano, Comethazine, Medy, Shy Glizzy, Kerchak, 2KBABY, Doodie Lo, Rob49 and many others.