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Unlock exclusive melodies and collaborate with Italy's #1 producer collective for major placements!

  • Access weekly premium sample packs with stems, bonus drum sounds, MIDIs, presets and more! 

  • Submit your beats made with our samples, and we'll connect you with industry artists like Fivio Foreign, Rondodasosa, Lil Poppa, Shy Glizzy, 2KBABY, and more to get major placements!

  • Gain immediate free access to our welcome pack, filled with over 30 mesmerizing melodies, 50 hard drum sounds, one-shots, MIDIs, and preset banks

  • Get access to an exclusive discord server to collaborate with talented producers and collectively pursue major placements

  • Instant download

    You will receive an email to guide you through the onboarding steps.

  • Major placements

    This is your chance to work with Italy's #1 collective, linked with major artists.

  • Original sounds

    100% royalty free for online beat leasing, and easy clearance for placements.

  • Cancel anytime

    No time commitment, you are free to stop your subscription at any time.

Sample Previews

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What will you receive?

Unique samples, Weekly

Never run out of original samples to unleash your creativity

exclusive Discord community

Get access to a private discord to collaborate with talented producers

Placement Opportunities

Send your beats to work with us and to get major placements

$150 value Welcome Pack

Get a HUGE pack for free, with over 30 unique compositions and 50 sounds

The Most Valuable Weeklies Offer In The Game!

Samples designed to Inspire you

You'll receive a minimum of 10 top-quality samples every week, crafted by Italy's best and most awarded producers.

Tailored to your needs

We'll regularly ask you which sounds you need, to make sure that our content is always relevant and valuable for you.

Collaborate to get placements

Hypn Records is trying to change the game. We want to make music a more collaborative experience, as we believe that it's easier to win when working together, rather than against each other. 

Over 20 producers at your service

Hypn Records has grown to over 20 members, selecting Italy's top talent to consistantly deliver quality content.

A total value of $350, for only $9 per month!

Major artists that producers have placed with our sounds

What our customers think about Hypn Vault 💙

Investing in yourself is just the first step to making your dreams a reality. 

Frequently asked questions

Do you have any questions? We’re here to help!

How do I join the private discord server?

You'll instantly receive a welcome email, in which you will find the link to the Discord Server. Once inside the server, you'll need to verify your identity using the Verify Bot. All steps will be explained in the server itself!

What is the bonus welcome pack?

It's a huge welcome pack filled with high-quality samples, drum sounds, preset banks, midis (and more). You'll receive this pack via email as soon as you subscribe to Hypn weeklies!

When will I receive my weeklies?

Once you sign up for the Hypn Weeklies, you'll receive a new exclusive pack of sounds every Friday. This pack will be sent to the email address you've checked out with, so make sure to check your spam in case you don't see anything in your primary inbox!

Can I cancel my subscription at any time? 

Absolutely! You can cancel your membership at any time by cancelling the subscription from your hypnvault.com account, or by sending us an email at info@hypnvault.com. Your membership will remain active until the end of the billing period.