Hypn's story


The Birth of Hypn

The idea was born when three young music enthusiasts decided to share their knowledge of music production with the Italian youth.

The Hypn Records channel is born, on which tutorials are published on how to use FL Studio to make beats.

Since then, the channel has grown, collecting thousands of new subscribers and hundreds of thousands of views.

Drum Kits, One Shot Kits & more...

The launch of Hypn Vault

In order to share our unique sound with other producers, hypnvault.com is launched.

The site presents a large variety of drum kits created by Hypn Records, increasingly pushing their creativity to bring high quality and innovative products.

The Evolution

The new Hypn

After a period of reflection and focus on Hypn's vision, the collective expands.

New members are included, grown together with Hypn itself, with the goal of expanding the family and collaborating to create music, both with established artists and with emerging artists.

To date, the collective has placements for artists such as Luciano, Comethazine, Medy, Shy Glizzy, Kerchak, 2KBABY, Doodie Lo, Rob49, and many others.